Services you need from a leader in contingent labor management.

Strategic, personalized customer support

  • Help navigating every aspect of your clinical and non-clinical staffing process
  • Technical support that ensures you have 24/7 access to the candidates you need


  • One invoice and one payment for all contingent labor
  • Itemized invoices that contain your accounts payable codes, working professional’s name, agency, and all applicable time worked
  • Medefis-verified hours from a facility-approved time source
  • Online storage of invoices and supporting documentation


  • Single, facility-controlled master staffing agreement
  • Managed process for insurance binders, W-9 forms, and data collection
  • Online storage of all contract documentation with easy retrieval


  • Customized process to match your facility’s hiring requirements
  • Automated tracking and email alerts of expirations
  • Centralized document access
  • Optional outsourced compliance verification


  • 360-degree reporting on everything from productivity and spend to variance and vendor scorecards
  • Customizable formats to meet the needs of your facility

Better visibility with enhanced data reporting.

View real-time market data

Gain a new level of insight into the contingent labor market with live data on trends and much more

Access powerful reports

From productivity and spend to variance and vendor scorecards, leverage the power of in-depth reporting for better decision-making

Customize for deeper insight

Add an advanced layer of personalization with custom reports made just for your facility

Our team is on your team.

At Medefis, we care about the job you do. Your dedicated team includes an executive sponsor, workforce solutions consultant, client services manager, and the support of our compliance and finance department. Together, they provide end-to-end support for your organization throughout the entire process. When you’re with Medefis, you can think of our experts as extensions of your own team. We’re proud of the personal touch we take and what it means to our clients.

Vendor engagement and management

  • Assistance with job descriptions, requisition entry, rate configuration, and budgeting rules
  • Oversight of vendor contracts
  • Management of vendor engagement and communication
  • Review of candidates for a manageable shortlist

Quality assurance and compliance

  • Assistance with interviews
  • Capturing and storage of credentials before the assignment
  • Assistance with coordination of candidate onboarding
  • Facilitation of assignment extensions as needed

Centralized administration process

  • Consolidated invoicing and management of vendor payments
  • Single point of contact to -manage billing inquiries and issues
  • Creation and refinement of reports
  • Insight on your organization’s trends, analytics, and forecasting

Vendor neutrality for improved control, fulfillment, and decision-making.

Not all managed services programs are created equal. Vendor neutrality is a key benefit of the Medefis Vendor-Neutral MSP. At Medefis, we are neutral to the vendors you use and the candidates you choose. Because we work for you, we advocate for you in communications and negotiations with vendors.

Our vendor neutrality provides you with the best possible candidates through a distinct process.

  1. We ensure the best talent is available by aggregating a broader pool of candidates from hundreds of suppliers.

  2. Our technology ranks candidates against the specific criteria you provide, resulting in TalentMatch scores that allow you to quickly evaluate candidate pools.

  3. We rationalize the vendor set to assure fulfillment, supplier diversity, and exceptional performance.

  4. Our proprietary BidMatch technology notifies competing vendors of changes in market rates so you won’t pay too much for any given position.

“The implementation of consolidated invoicing with Medefis has been a huge win for us. It has created efficiencies, improved our tracking and budgeting processes, and alleviated issues dealing with agencies directly.

Medefis is very organized and we have saved so much time through this very streamlined approach.”

—HR Director at Multi-Facility Health System