Open Talent Marketplace | Lack of Talent Compromising Your Care?

Learn about how Medefis enables healthcare facilities to quickly staff and manage their entire range of contingent talent.

Open Talent Marketplace Permanent Recruitment Offering (PRO)

MedefisTM simplifies your permanent talent recruitment and hiring processes through the same open, competitive marketplace that has successfully served the contingent staffing needs of healthcare organizations.
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How Vendor Engagement Fits Into Your Strategic Staffing Plan

When your health system often employs contingent workers and other flexible staff, it’s important to engage with a healthcare staffing agency you can trust.
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Quality Patient Care with Medefis Technology

Medefis workforce solutions technology is highly scalable and configurable, and can help your system navigate the changing healthcare landscape and the rising cost of quality patient care.
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The Importance of a Strategic Staffing Plan

A strategic staffing plan prepares you for staffing gaps and supports your system’s goals by driving down costs while raising the quality of patient care.
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Diversity and Inclusion with Medefis Technology

Workforce diversity and inclusion are vital for providing quality patient care in health systems. Medefis helps your health system form beneficial partnerships with diverse vendors.
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Prepare Your Health System for Home Health Staffing Challenges

Home health is growing in demand, due to factors such as the aging baby boomer population and the shortage of nurses and physicians in the hospital setting.
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The Rising Demand for Home Healthcare

The population of Americans ages 65 and up is expected to increase by 75% between 2010 and 2030.
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Infographic | Introduce Diversity and Inclusion into your Talent Management Strategy

Healthcare focuses on providing quality care to every patient, no matter who they are. Diversity and inclusion are the cornerstones of quality patient care in health systems, as 32% of patients are minorities.
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