The Power of Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Talent Management

What Is Diversity and Inclusion in Healthcare Talent Management?
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Infographic | Staying Ahead of Rising Costs of Quality Patient Care

Health systems, healthcare providers, and patients are all feeling the sting of skyrocketing healthcare.
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Staying Ahead of Rising Costs of Quality Patient Care

Ready to learn why and how you can stay ahead of the rising costs?
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Good Hire VS Bad Hire | The Long-Term Effects

Learn how the long-term effects of hiring a good vs bad employee can be shocking.
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The Importance of Healthcare Talent Quality (and how a VMS can help)

Having a talented staff is necessary to operate an effective healthcare organization that offers exceptional patient care. All employees must be trained and knowledgeable, or they risk putting patients’ lives at risk. Qualified healthcare workers ensure the facility runs smoothly and safely.
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Case Study | The Power of the Network: Efficiencies of Scale for the Community Hospital

Learn how Medefis facilitated a solution for this community hospital's staffing shortage, improved staff productivity and helped them realize reduced spend.
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Case Study | Fill contingent labor positions faster. Time savings on compliance.

Learn how an independent hospital's decision to select a vendor-neutral managed services program provider to assist with their contingent staffing needs, helped them become more nimble and able to respond to the changing market conditions.
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Millennial Nurses Bring Higher Expectations to the Work Environment

Millennials are now the largest generation in the U.S. labor force, making up 35% of American workers. This trend takes on particular significance in the healthcare industry where unprecedented workforce shortages have created recruitment challenges, particularly for qualified nurses.
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